Welcome to Aeroserve

Aeroserve AB is a company specialized in aviation security and quality control. With long experience in the aviation and air cargo business, we know how important it is to ensure a good quality in all aspects of the business to be able to provide a safe and secure operation. We are offering services such as:

  • EU Aviation Security Validations for ACC3, RA3 and KC3
  • EU Aviation Security Validations for Known Suppliers (KS) on the Swedish and European market
  • Pre-validations, gap-analysis and consultancy related to the validations
  • Consulting regarding your Security program, staff training, how to build control processes and checklists etc.
  • Quality control of your aviation suppliers according to your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and specific needs.

EU ACC3 – What is it and how will it affect you?

For air cargo and mail carriers, please read more here.
For cargo handling agents, forwarding agents and shippers, please read more here.

EU ACC3 glossary

Here are explanations to some words used in the EU ACC3 regulation, please read more here.

Aeroserve AB is a proud member and one of the founders of EVAAS, EU Validators´ Association for Aviation Security. EVAAS participates in the quarterly meetings in Brussels at the European Commission´s Stakeholder Advisory Group on Aviation Security.
See more information on EVAAS here.