The ACC3 validation course is available to help you prepare yourself and your organisation for the EU aviation security validation.

Module 1 ACC3 definitions
Unit 1 Definition of an ACC3
Unit 2 ACC3 requirements
Unit 3 Secure Supply Chain
Unit 4 RA3, KC3 and AC3
Module 2 The ACC3 validation
Unit 1 The ACC3 Validation
Unit 2 Part 1 in the ACC3 validation checklist
Unit 3 Part 2 of the checklist - organization and responsibilities of the ACC3
Unit 4 Part 2 - RA/KC in accordance with ICAO standards
Unit 5 Part 2 - If the ACC3 is using a third party to do the security controls
Unit 6 Part 3 of the checklist - Security program of the air carrier
Unit 7 Part 3 - Procedures for acceptance of cargo/mail